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Linda's Story

Insulin is life to those with diabetes.

Linda is the mother of two who lost her job, her car, her housing and her insulin. She lives in a shelter and has no access to her medications. She’s been off her insulin for a month and the complications of diabetes are beginning to show – blurry vision, pain in her legs and feet and an inability to find her way out of a critical situation.

Did you know that one in every eight people in Northeast Ohio has diabetes? The typical adult with diabetes is 50-64 years old, African American and female. Medical expenditures for people with diabetes are about 2.3 times higher than for people who don’t have the disease.

Diabetes Partnership is the only organization in Northeast Ohio providing direct services to meet the growing needs of those uninsured or underinsured impacted by this epidemic chronic condition. People like Linda, who find themselves in a no win situation. Every day we hear from individuals who have lost their jobs, their health care benefits and, as a result, have no way to purchase insulin to properly manage their diabetes.

Our client emergency program is the last resort. Without help, they would end up in the emergency room or worse, in diabetic keto acidosis (DKA) which if left untreated can lead to death.

With the help of the Diabetes Partnership, Linda received a supply of insulin. Our organization was also able to help her find a doctor at Cleveland Clinic and she is now getting her insulin on a consistent basis. In turn, she is better able to take care of herself and her children and has even in enrolled in Diabetes Self-Management Education classes.

Linda found herself in a crisis situation after being diagnosed in November of 2012. Through a call to United Way’s 211 she learned about the Diabetes Partnership.

“The Partnership has just been enormously helpful. I am conducting a job search and do not have insurance. The Partnership has just been a Godsend,” Lucille says. “I’ve gotten testing supplies. I’ve gotten a meter. I got insulin a few months ago when I couldn’t afford it.”

Linda was recently able to secure a full time position.


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