Cabins and Sleeping Arrangements

typical cabin


Where do campers sleep?

Campers sleep in wooden cabins. All cabins are screened, have ceiling fans, electricity and an emergency phone that is connected to the dispensary. The boys cabins are separate from the girls cabins. Each cabin can accommodate eight campers and two counselors.  Campers store their belongings in shared lockers in the cabins.


Do the cabins have beds?

Cabins have single-sized cots and mattresses. Campers bring their own sheets, blankets and pillow.

Inside the boys cabin

Do counselors sleep in the campers’ cabins?

At least two counselors are assigned to each camper cabin and stay overnight in the cabin, sleeping at the front and the back door.  Sometimes, there will be an additional staff member, a Counselor-in-Training, in the cabins as well.

Can campers request certain cabins?

Cabins are sorted by age groups. A camper can request a certain cabin but there is not a guarantee that they will end up in that specific cabin. All cabins are the same size and have the same facilities.

Can campers request to be in a cabin with specific campers?

During registration, you may indicate friends that your child wishes to bunk with during the session.  We will do everything possible to accommodate requests.

What if my child wets the bed?

Counselors are trained to handle bedwetting by being discrete and will privately help the camper gather items to be laundered.  If a child wets the bed, parents need to provide rubber sheets, extra bed linens, and any additional supplies for their child. Camp does not supply Goodnights or Pull-ups.

What happens if my child has a blood sugar issue in the middle of the night?

Campers who go to bed with a blood glucose lower than 100mg/dL or a high blood glucose level are rechecked at midnight and, if needed, every 1-2 hours afterwards until a safe blood glucose level is reached.  Those campers needing constant monitoring are brought to one of the sleep rooms in the Dispensary to be monitored by the medical staff.  Children who display signs of hypoglycemia during the night are also check by the staff as needed.

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