Interactions and Friendships at Camp

Every child is unique. But sometimes, when you are a kid, you just want to be like everyone else. 

Here at Camp Ho Mita Koda, the common bond is diabetes.  There are lots of opportunities for interactions in both large and small groups to help your child adjust to being away from home and make long-lasting friendships.

Do boys and girls interact during camp?

Yes. Camp Ho Mita Koda is a co-ed summer camp. Campers participate in a variety of activities together throughout the day including flag raising, assembly, all recreational activity periods and an evening program. There are several times each day that campers spend exclusively with their same gender cabin group. These times include ‘cabin time,’ meal time, and bed time at night. Spending time within small cabin groups promotes bonding and friendships.

Boys and girls cabins are on opposite sides of camp and campers are not allowed on the opposite sides of camp. Campers are not permitted in cabins of the opposite sex.  

Can a friend come?

Campers with diabetes are allowed to come to camp HMK during regular camping sessions.  New this year: Same age-range siblings are eligible to register after May 31, if space is available. Camp has a buddy program that allows campers to meet each other prior to arriving at camp.

Can campers request certain cabins?

Cabins are sorted by age groups.  A camper can request a certain cabin but there is no guarantee that they will end up in that specific cabin. All cabins are the same size and have the same facilities.

My child has a friend who will be attending camp. Can they stay in the same cabin?

The camp registration form has a designated field where campers can indicate the names of other same-age campers with whom they would like to share a cabin. Every effort is made to honor requests but no guarantees will be made. All cabin assignments are arranged prior to the start of camp and cannot be altered at check-in.

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