Buddy Program

making friends at Camp Ho Mita Koda

Our most recent poll showed that 75% of camp parents thought they had a harder time than their kids adjusting to going away to Camp! 

We know it is a big step for both campers and parents, so we would like to help.

The Buddy Program provides an opportunity to connect first time overnight campers with former campers before the summer season begins. An opportunity to connect new campers with returning campers prior to camp season will help new campers with the transition to Camp and give returning campers an opportunity to make a new friend.

If you are interested in being a part of this new program, please email camp@diabetespartnership.org with your name, address, child's name, child's age, and contact information and we will contact you.

Mentor families

A mentor family will have a child with diabetes who is registered for a current season overnight camp session. This child will have attended an overnight camp session prior to this year and be willing to meet a new family in person at least once prior to their camp session. Camp will provide the mentor family with contact information for a new family with child who is the same age. An in-person meeting or play date will be arranged between the families.

new camp families

A new family should have a child with diabetes who has not attended an overnight camp session.  Camp will match families based on camper age, session and city of residence.  We hope that in addition to meeting prior to residence camp, families will also consider meeting each other and other camp families at Open House in June at Camp Ho Mita Koda.

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